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Rapid Automation Technology Evaluation

Project Participants: Northrop Grumman Shipbuilding
Project Start: December 2018

3D Data Exchange

Project Participants: PMA-261 NAVAIR Project Start: September 2017

F-35 Assembly Metadata Integration

Project Participants: Northrop Grumman Aerospace Systems Project Start: April 2016 The Northrop Grumman Integrated Assembly Line (IAL) in Palmdale, California, is a highly automated final assembly line with many automated systems assisting in the production of the F-35 center fuselage. Systems such as the Inlet Duct Robotic Drilling (IDRD) system, automate production functions such as drilling, metrology, […]

Primer Thickness Measurement for Seam Validation & Supply Base Quality

Project Participants: Lockheed Martin Corporation Project Start: September 2015 Various fundamental elements contribute to the establishment of the F-35 as the single most advanced warfighter in aviation history. Several factors, such as an integrated airframe design and the incorporation of innovative materials, contribute to the effectiveness of the F-35. Every detail counts toward achieving the advanced […]